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Interested In Machine Learning Jobs? Know The Skills Which Will Get You Hired

Both Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are among the most sought after jobs in the in the analytics domain. As per the latest surveys by different job portals, around 50,000 jobs are vacant in Data Science, AI & ML technologies.

The changing IT, Corporate & Business needs demand the professionals to keep their skills up-to-date in the trending technologies.  Most of the typical monotonous jobs have already disappeared due to the advent of automation. So in order to ensure future job security, many people are showing interest in the technology of Machine Learning.

In this blog post, we will be discussing about the top skills in Machine Learning that will get you hired.

Fundamentals  In Computer Science and Programming-

Fundamental Skills in Computer Science & Programming are the very basics for Machine Learning. Before going for the interviews you should make yourself ready to answer any questions in these topics. You must prepare yourself in such a way that you can easily apply, implement, adapt, address them while programming. You can improve your coding skills by participating in programming workshops.

Probability and Statistics-

Without having effective skills in Probability & Statistics it will become almost impossible to secure your career in Machine Learning. Most of the concepts in Machine Learning require extensive knowledge of probability, algorithms, statistical modeling so as to derive accurate results from them. So work towards building your skills in probability distributions, statistical significance, hypothesis testing, and regression models.

Data Modeling-

In order to find the unknown correlations & to uncover the hidden patterns from the data you need to be very flexible in handling the Data Modeling. Data Modeling is one among the crucial skills for Machine Learning. As a machine learning engineer, you should have the right awareness to develop the right data model in accordance with business issues and terms. Be aggressive in handling the applications of Data Modeling.

Application Of Machine Learning Algorithms-

In order to excel in your job role as a Machine Learning engineer you need to have extensive skills for handling the advanced algorithms in ML. These include linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, K-means, PCA and neural networks.

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