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How Machine Learning Applications Are Empowering Businesses?

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are among the most progressing technologies in the present time. Machine Learning, being a subset of AI works towards presenting machines with the ability to perform cognitive tasks without being explicitly programmed. The rapid advancements happening in Machine Learning are working have made this technology become an integral part of industries across every major sector.

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Now, in this post, let’s have a look at some of the most frequently used applications of Machine Learning as a part of our day-to-day & business activities

Social Media-

The advanced algorithms & learning models in Machine Learning have become very crucial across the social media platforms. If you are active an active social networking user then you must have surely come across Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestion in Facebook. Whenever you upload a photo of you along with your friends, then Facebook comes up with name suggestions matching with the faces in the picture that you have uploaded.

Ever wondered how Facebook is able to come up with accurate suggestions just by seeing the picture? It makes use of advanced face detection and Image recognition techniques in ML & AI.

Transportation & Commuting-

If you are a regular user of online cab service providers like Ola & Uber, then you must have noticed that the system provides you with updates related to the best possible route to reach the destination & the time it will take to arrive there. These systems make use of advanced supervised & unsupervised ML models which help in automatically detecting the users’ location & it then analyzes all the possible routes to the destination & finally picks the shortest route. This system also makes use of Deep Learning technology.

Virtual Personal Assistants-

The smart virtual personal assistants in our smartphones make use of advanced AI & ML techniques like

  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech to Text Conversion
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text to Speech Conversion

Other advanced AI & ML applications like Products Recommendations, Self Driving Cars, Dynamic Pricing, Google Translate, Fraud Detection, etc are transforming our day-to-day lives & businesses at a large scale.