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Which Is The Best Programming Language For Data Science?

One among the most common question that arises in the minds of every Data Science career enthusiast is ‘which programming languages should you learn?’ There’s no wonder if you are thinking about the same.

In this blog post, let us work towards understanding which is the best programming language for Data Science.

As per the experts opinion, among a variety of programming languages that are used for Data Science, Python is considered as an increasingly ubiquitous programming language outpacing R. Most of the Data Scientists make use of Python programming towards handling their Data Science projects.

According to the recent surveys conducted on various job portal websites, its been found that 66 percent Data Science related job postings mentioned Python, while only 18 percent cited R.

Other surveys revealed that over the past two years, the prominence for R is seen to be declining at a steady pace in favor of Python. As per the experts estimation the use of Python among analytics professionals has increased from 53 percent to 69 percent over that same period.

The prime reason for the rise in the prominence for Python in analytics is because of the fact that it is a highly versatile and scalable programming nature, whereas R is much more complex having many scaling issues.

Which Programming Language You Should Prefer?

Although Python is clearly a dominant programming language for data professionals, it doesn’t mean that the presence of R can be ignored. If you a really interested in mastering the art of Data Science then in order to become a dominant professional in this platform, learning both these programming languages is the best move you could possibly make. As per the suggestions given by experts, combining both R and Python is reasonable and feasible.

However, if you are a working professional who is looking towards making a career shift into Data Science then focusing on Python would be the ideal choice rather than R. It’s a more-general language with broader applications.

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