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Should I Learn Machine Learning Or Data Science First?

With the growing prominence for Big Data, new-age analytical technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence have become the hottest technologies in-demand. Both Data Science & Machine Learning have become a lucrative career option. Amid the rising demand for the analytical professionals across industry verticals, many people are showing interest in learning these technologies. Even IT professionals are planning to make career switch from their existing domains into Data Science & Machine Learning technologies.

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If you are interested in getting started in your career as a Data Scientist, then you should be working towards developing skills in Data Cleaning, Processing and Analysis. You should also be developing skills in basic foundational concepts like Programming with Python, R, Statistical Analysis, & SQL.

To become a full-fledged Data Science expert, you should also be developing skills in Machine Learning. Most of the enterprises are more interested in hiring Data Science professionals with knowledge of Machine Learning. Both Machine Learning & Data Science technologies are closely related.

As a part of their job-role Data Scientist need to make accurate business decisions & Machine Learning can help them in this regard. Machine Learning can also help the Data Scientists in making accurate predictions based on the analysis made from data.

Also, there are plenty of research opportunities in Data Science with machine learning. Data Analytics and pre-processing are among the crucial skills for Data Science & Machine Learning Engineers. So, you should get started with the process of developing data analytical skills.

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