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Classification of structured data

Everyone must be clearly aware of the fact that data has nowadays become a major necessity commodity that is helping the enterprises across different sectors to scale & grow. If you are new to the term ‘data’ then let’s us first help you in understanding it. The term data relates to the collection of facts translated into a format that can be processed by computer. If this data is present in large volumes then it is referred to as Big Data. 

Having been termed as the new oil for business development, Big Data helps the enterprises to take revolutionary leaps forward. To make the most out of their existing Big Data reserves, enterprises around the world are relying heavily on the Data Analytics applications of Data Science.

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Now let’s understand into how many types structured data can be classified in the Big Data environment.

  • Personal Data

Personal data relates to the type of data which is encrypted with the information that is completely related to you.  Personal data may include your location, your email address and demographics & other identifiable information. Enterprises use their users personal data used in different ways like to target them with personalized marketing campaigns, product recommendations, email marketing, remarketing & more.

  • Transactional Data

Transactional data is the type of data which is generated which particular action is performed. For instance, whenever you click on an ad in a website it generates data of certain value, similarly whenever make a purchase online it generates data of some value & this type of data is known as transaction data.

  • Sensory Data

Whenever data is collected from any form of sensory devices this type of data is known as Sensory Data. There are several devices that collect some sort of information from the user as a part of their functioning & the best example would be your smart watch.

  • Web Data

Whenever users perform any type activity over the internet, it generates data of some value & this type of web generated data is simply known as web data.

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