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Insights To Data Visualization Process In Data Science

Data Visualization is a crucial step in the data analysis process in Data Science. This technique helps in presenting the findings from the data exploratory process in the form of attractive visuals. Our human brain is designed in such a way that it can grasp more in-depth about any information if it is depicted visually. This is because, if presented visually, information would be clearly organized thus making it easy for the human brain to understand & process the information. This is what exactly Data Visualization does. It depicts the findings from the data visually so that even the people from non analytical background can understand them.

The application of Data Visualization is very crucial in the business development process as it empowers the stakeholders to make accurate decisions from Big Data. So, if you are intended to become a Data Science business intelligence expert then, having skills in Data Visualization would be very crucial.

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Now, in this post, let’s understand the sequence of steps involved in Data Visualization

Data Visualization Steps-

  • Acquire Data

In the first step the problem is analyzed & the relevant data is collected from various sources.

  • Categorize The Data

Data is then categorized & proper structure is given to it.

  • Filter

Now in this step, data is cleaned by eliminating all the anomalies.

  • Data Modelling

The cleaned data is subjected to advanced statistical & data modelling techniques to analyze the patterns.

  • Represent

In this step, the relevant visual mode, such as bar graph, list or tree, etc. is selected.

  • Refine

In this step, the obtained visuals are refined using interactive Data Visualization tools like Tableau.

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