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How Exactly Does Data Scientists Collect Data?

Data Science is an inter-disciplinary field that uses different scientific techniques, software, algorithms, mathematical systems and models to extract actionable insights from massive unstructured and structured data sources. Data Science makes extensive use of statistical modeling, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Analysis to extract relevant information from raw data. The use of Data Science isn’t limited to anyone particular sector & its use can be seen across in almost all the industry verticals.

Amid the growing demand for Data Science, the need for Data Scientists will also continue to increase. More businesses are now looking to use this type of technology to improve their business operations. As a result, hiring a data scientist will become more important. If you want the best possible results, it will be important for enterprises to be able to find a qualified Data Scientist who can use data analysis to improve their performance of their business.

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How Data Scientists Collect Data:

Data Scientists need to have accurate & good quality data in hand to build accurate models that help in achieving the desired results. These models are then trained using Machine Learning Algorithms to obtain the desired results. The entire process of collecting, processing, analyzing & visualizing data would go in vain if the data is irrelevant.

Enterprises usually have tons of data inside relational databases. Data Scientists would be using data collected from relational databases to develop Machine Learning models. Most of the Data Scientists would be using Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract data from relational databases. With SQL, Data Scientists can condense their data into a form the model can understand. That form or shape is an array.

While working on SQL Data Scientists need to join many tables to get the relevant data they need for analysis. This process is known is Data Sourcing. Once the data is in the shape of an array then you’ll need to wrangle it and then it is modeled.

Data Scientists can employee several other techniques to extract useful information from data which is collected from different sources. If you are interested in understanding these techniques in detail, then be a part of our advanced Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.