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How Data Science Helps In Empowering Business Intelligence?

Big Data & Analytics technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are dominating the industries across different verticals at large, especially the business sector. The use of analytical models in Data Science can empower enterprises in making accurate data driven smart business decisions. By analyzing the enterprises big data reserves, Data Science helps the stakeholders Data Science helps the business stakeholders & managers in identifying the areas where they need to bring changes to eliminate inefficiencies & to better serve their customers.  Data Science also helps enterprises in quickly adapting to the market trends to stay competitive.

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Now, let’s look at how Data Science process is empowering Business Intelligence process.

  • Data Mining

Data Mining relates to the process of using of Statistics & algorithms in Machine Learning to explore actionable insights from Big Data, uncovering the trends & to find the relation between different data patterns.

  • Reporting

The findings from Big Data are communicated to the business stakeholders to help them make appropriate actions in the areas of concern.

  • Performance Metrics & Benchmarking

To accurately analyze the performance metrics, Data Scientists would be comparing the present and historical data with every process against goals.

  • Descriptive Analytics

Data Scientists would be performing preliminary data analysis to help the stakeholders or managers to understand what exactly happened that led to occurrence of a certain event/aspect.

  • Querying

Data Scientists would be analyzing business data to find answers to, data specific questions. 

  • Data visualization

This is similar to reporting & here Data Scientists would be communicating their findings from the data by depicting them in the form of attractive visuals so that people from no-analytical background can understand them.

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