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How Can You Develop Skills In Computer Vision?

Computer Vision is a rapidly evolving technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence. If you are a career enthusiast in Artificial Intelligence then having knowledge of Computer Intelligence is very crucial. Getting started with Computer vision requires extensive knowledge of image/ video processing algorithms. Working on projects that require extensive use of algorithms involving Computer Vision will be ideal to leverage skills in this technology. Working on projects involving Computer Vision would be quite challenging but isn’t that difficult if you are having the right set of resources available.

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There are numerous applications of Computer Vision that arecompletely revolutionizing the industries across various sectors. Now, in this post, let’s get to know how to develop skills in

Developing skills in Computer Vision-

  • Understand The Basics

At the foundation level, getting started with the concepts involving probability, statistics, linear algebra & calculus will be the ideal choice.

Also, getting in-depth understanding of R and Python languages is also crucial. Work on multiple projects that require extensive use of these concepts.

  • Digital Image Processing

Having in-depth skills & hands-on expertise in relation to working on the techniques involving Image Processing is very crucial. In real-time you will find several applications of Image Processing in Computer Vision & so, acquiring complete inside out knowledge in this regard is very important.

  • Bring in Python and Open Source

The applications in computer vision require extensive use of open source & Python packages like OpenCV, PIL, vlfeat, etc. Getting started with the projects that involves extensive use of these packages would be ideal.

  • Machine Learning and ConvNets

Computer Vision makes use of advanced algorithms in Machine Learning in several of its functionalities. So, working on projects that involves these algorithms would be the ideal approach.

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