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How Analytics Is Related To Data Science?

The prominence of Data Science across various sectors continues to evolve & at present the job-role of a Data Scientist is considered as the most in-demand & promising career paths. This process of Data Science is all about interpreting with Big Data to explore unknown correlation & to uncover hidden patterns. It is the process that helps in understanding complex behaviors, trends, and inferences by exploring Big Data.

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Now, in this post let’s understand how Analytics & Machine Learning are related to Data Science.

Analytics & Data Science-


The field of Analytics can be technically defined as “science of analysis” which is nothing but the process of analyzing the insights from Big Data to make informed decisions.

The term analytics may or may not relate to Data Science based on the context it is being used for. Building a Predictive Model from the mined data relates to the category of analytics & also the process of interpreting pre-built dashboard reports also relates to the category of analytics but this application doesn’t require as much complexity as in the case of analytics for Data Science.

Difference Between An Analyst & A Data Scientist?

The term Analyst may usually relate to wide range of job-roles involving Data Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, etc. Now let’s understand how the analyst can be related with Data Scientist

Data Scientist: They are the professionals who have a strong business acumen & excel in Statistics, Mathematics, Data Modeling & Machine Learning techniques. They are capable of interpreting with Big Data of any format to uncover hidden patterns & valuable insights.

Analyst: They are the professionals who look at data to try to gain insights. These experts don’t have the skills on par with Data Scientists but are capable to interpret with data at both the database level or the summarized report level.

So, both the terms Analyst & Data Scientists are neither synonym nor mutually exclusive.