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Does Automaton Of Analytics Process Going To Effect The Job Role Of Data Scientist?

By making use of Data Science tools it has now become possible to automate processes right from data preparation to model selection. The advent of automation tools are bound to bring revolutionary changes in the domain of data science.

As per the experts view, the latest trends in Data Science like augmented analytics are expected to increase the efficiency and reach of data science within the enterprise. However the acceleration in the advancements in analytics automation isn’t going to impact the job role of Data Scientists.

Most of the experts predict that over the next five years AI will automate 50% of the activities that data scientists engage in. Most of the data management applications that doesn’t require much of human intervention can be specifically handled by these automation tools.

Most of the automation advancements in Data Science and analytics target mundane, robotic, repetitive tasks which can be efficiently be taken care of by machines rather humans who can be shifted to some other productive work.

This is evident from the fact which was predicted by experts that data management will see manual tasks reduced by 45% in the form of data management. This has come true with the advancements in Machine Learning and AI which are now handling the tasks of categorizing, preparing, integrating and managing the data sets.

Benefits Of Streamlining Analytics-

The advent of Automation tools that can streamline the analytics work can do a lot benefit to the Data Scientists. By streamlining analytics work, Data Scientists will be left with ample amount of time and energy which they can focus on their core mission which is transforming the massive volumes of data into actionable insights. By now, most of the organizations have recognized the fact that inability to transform their data into actionable insights can leave them behind in the present day’s competitive market.

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