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Data Scientist vs Business Analyst

As the whole world is quickly transforming into a digital hub, there is a significant rise in the generation & use of data. To deal with the challenges that are associated with Big Data, a number of analytical technologies have also been developed. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies are revolutionizing the world in the event of Big Data Management & Analytics.  Most of the companies across various industries are relying heavily on the use of Data Science to explore the benefits of their Big Data reserves to the full potential.

The prime focus of Data Science is set towards developing tools and software to analyze and extract insights from large volumes of structured & unstructured data. If you are interested in working in the business world as an analytical professional, then the job-roles of a Data Scientist or a Business Analyst would be the ideal career option.

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Data Scientist vs Business Analyst:

The primary difference between a data scientist and a business analyst is that the latter is expected to be a more hands-on type of person, whereas a Data Scientist is expected to focus on the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data while conducting research.

Business Analysts are professionals who work towards understanding the ever-changing needs of business & help business enterprises in adopting to the changes. They act as a communication bridge between different teams inside an organization to execute any business plan.

Data Scientists would be working towards developing algorithms that would help them in making accurate interpretations out of Big Data. Since Data Science is a multidisciplinary field, Data Scientists need to have extensive knowledge of various fields like Statistics, Programming, Machine Learning, AI, and more. Data Scientists would be assisting the teams in making accurate strategies, develop marketing plans, develop quality products, and many other aspects.

In any business environment, both Data Scientists & Business Analysts would be working in collaboration to carefully understand the business processes and implement strategies.

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