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Data Science vs. Business Analytics Explained

The advancements in technology has given us several new innovations especially in the field of Big Data. Data Science & Business Analytics are two major revolutionary technologies in the Big Data realm. The applications of these technologies can be extensively seen across IT & Business sectors where there’s abundant availability of Big Data. Most of the people consider these technologies as one & the same as they have a lot of similarities & these terms are often used interchangeably. The actual fact concerning these technologies is that they different in many number of ways.

Both these technologies rely heavily on the process of Data Collection, Data Modeling and insight gathering. The core difference in their functionally underlies in their approach of addressing a business problem. Grasp real-world skills & hands-on expertise in these trending Big Data technologies with the help of our integrated Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s understand how these technologies differ from each other.

Differentiating Data Science vs. Big Data Analytics-

Data Science-

The data analysis process in Data Science involves sequence of steps like gathering, collecting, processing & modeling Big Data to extract the knowledgeable insights, to find solutions to unknown correlations & to find the relation between the data patterns. extracting the insights from it. To make accurate interpretations from Big Data, Data Science makes use of Statistical Models, Machine Learning Algorithms & Data Visualization tools. The insights that gathered from this process empowers the stakeholders to make accurate data-driven smart business decisions. 

The applications of Data Science are extensively used across different sectors like It, Healthcare, Business, Banking, Telecommunication, Finance, and Government & across several other sectors. 

Business Analytics-

Business Analytics is an advanced application of Data Science that works towards empowering the enterprises businesses development process. This form of analytics relies heavily on statistical analysis. By analyzing the enterprises business data, Business Analytics works towards finding accurate solutions to the business problems and roadblocks.

Banking, Finance, Business, Marketing, Retail and other sectors rely heavily on Business Analytics to find accurate & reliable solutions to the critical business problems.

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