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Data Science Skills That Are Must To Have In The Inventory Of A Data Scientist

Data Science skills are among the most in-demand skills the age of 21st century.  Recruiters across the IT, Corporate, Business, Healthcare & several other sectors are readily hiring the best talented Data Science professionals. As the job-role of a Data Scientist is being considered as the sexiest job-role of the 21st century, it’s high time for the analytics career enthusiasts to know which skills in Data Science are crucial in the inventory of a Data Scientist. 

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Now, let’s look at the most promising skills in Data Science that are must to have in the inventory of a Data Scientist.

Must To Have Skills In The Inventory Of A Data Scientist-

  • Programming Skills

Data Science models require extensive use of Python or R programming languages. With knowledge of R or Python programming Data Scientists can handle analytics applications like data wrangling, exploratory data analysis & such. He/she should have extensive knowledge of the libraries concerned with data analysis in any of these two programming languages.

  • Data Storytelling

The role of a Data Scientist doesn’t just end with analysing data and using it for modelling. He should also be skilled enough towards weaving a story so as to build a connection between his analysis and the users of the report. So he/she should possess skills in relation to reasoning & should be able to present his thought process in a coherent manner.

  • Passion For Data

A Data Scientist should be very much passionate about data & this can be evident from his interests in reading lots of blogs, podcasts or books on it. A passionate Data Scientist will always be ready to take up complex challenges & explores various ways towards successfully tackling them.

  • Machine Learning

Knowledge of Machine Learning models is also very crucial. Data Scientists need to be experts in working on the algorithms involving Machine Learning as they are useful for making accurate predictions & for classifying results based on the data.Strong communication skills, Ability to judge situations, Creating tools for better results, Data visualization and presentation are among the prominent skills which recruiters look for while hiring Data Scientists.