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Data Science Project Categories To Get Started As A Beginner

Getting hired in the field of Data Science as a fresher would require the candidate to build a strong project based portfolio. At the entry level of the Data Science hiring process, recruiters will be short listing the candidates’ profiles by closely examining the projects that they have mentioned in their profile. Your project profile is what that determines whether you get that all-important call back for an interview or not. Projects often play a crucial role in the interview phase as well.

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Ideal Project Categories In Data Science-

  • Data Cleaning Project

Data Cleaning is otherwise known as Data Preparation, Data Munging, Data Scrubbing, etc is the foremost basic task in the data analysis process.  Data Cleaning is a crucial skill set in the inventory of a Data Scientist & as most of the data that is generated remains in an unstructured format, it should be cleaned & prepared for anomalies to achieve good data accuracy.

To build expertise in Data Cleaning, you better work on collecting data on your own using, web scraping, or some other technique.

  • Data Storytelling & Visualization Project

After extracting the insights from data, the findings must be communicated to the stakeholders,. Both Data Visualization & Data Storytelling are the key parts of any Data Science job.

You can work on advanced Data visualization tools like Tableau to get a better idea on how to visually depict the findings from your data.

  • Machine Learning Projects

The prominence of AI & Machine Learning technologies in Data Science is steadily increasing. Mastery over Machine Learning (ML) is becoming very crucial for the budding Data Scientists. Stock Prices predictor, Sports Predictor, Recommender Engines, Fake News Detection are some of the challenging project ideas that you can work on in relation to Machine Learning. 

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