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Data Mining vs Text Mining

Data Science is the most promising field that works towards extracting actionable insights from large sets of Big Data. Data Science consists of three major areas: Machine Learning, Analysis and Knowledge Discovery. Apart from these, Data Science also makes use of Programming, Statistics, AI and other technical aspects to make accurate interpretations our of Big Data.

Machine Learning is an advanced technique used in Data Science to automate analytical model building. Machine Learning is considered as a subset of Artificial Intelligence that works on the principle that systems can learn from data, uncovers trends and is also capable of making predictions by analyzing present and historical data. Gain expertise in Machine Learning and other technical aspects involving Data Science with our exclusive & real-time Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

Now let’s look at the core differences between Data Mining and text Mining.

  • Data Mining

Data Mining is an advanced concept in Data Science that sets its focus on finding patterns and extracts useful insights from large sets of data. Data Mining is a crucial process that helps in converting insights encrypted inside data into actionable insights. Data Mining can help in boosting enterprises productivity by extracting and analyzing data which is collected from databases. Text Mining is one of the advanced concepts in Data Mining.

  • Text Mining

Text mining is an advanced concept in AI that primarily focuses on mining textual data from various text documents. To be precise in its functioning, Text Mining involves several advanced algorithms in Deep Learning. These algorithms help in making accurate interpretations out of textual data. As most of the textual data is stored in an unstructured format it relies on linguistic principles to make accurate interpretations out of text data collected from different documents.

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