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Coronavirus: How AI & Data Science Is Being Deployed To Fight The Pandemic

Everyone must be clearly aware the deadly Coronavirus pandemic which is causing an outright panic all over the world. First reported the Wuhan, China, this pandemic has quickly spread across 100 other countries. To check & control the wide spread of this virus, the Chinese government has started relying on Artificial intelligence & Data Science technology. Tech giants like Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei have taken healthcare initiatives in collaboration with the government to fight the virus & to prevent it from spreading more severely.

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ow, let’s take a look at the numerous ways in which Artificial Intelligence & Data Science can help in fighting COVID-19.

  • AI For Identifying, Tracking & Accurately Forecasting Outbreaks

With an accurate tracking system, we can strongly fight back the virus. By analyzing the large volumes of data generated all around world from news reports, social media platforms, Artificial Intelligence can easily detect the outbreak.

The best real-time example for this can be seen in Canadian notations BlueDot Company which deploys Artificial Intelligence for tracking diseases. BlueDot’s AI is so capable that it has warned of the threat much earlier than WhO has issued public warnings.

  • AI For Treating The Virus

To efficiently monitor the spread of Coronavirus, the Infervision Company has launched its Coronavirus AI solution.  After the outbreak of the virus, the healthcare department officials have been working round the clock to detect the virus infected persons. With the help of this AI solution by Infervision, the healthcare administrative specialists can speed up their CT diagnosis process.  Alibaba has also come up with its own AI-powered diagnosis system which is so powerful that it can detect the virus in humans upto 96% of accuracy within in few seconds.

  • AI For Drug Development

Tech giants like Google, Microsoft are spending billions of dollars in research to better understand the proteins that make up the virus so that others can user their research to come up with medical discoveries for treating the virus. BenevolentAI uses AI systems is also focused on fighting Coronavirus by using its predictive capabilities to suggest among the existing drugs that can better treat the virus.

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