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Classification Of Data Based On Its Readability Level

Data can be interpreted as a collection of facts, which may be numbers, words, measurements, observations, etc. all of which is translated into a format the can be understood & processed by machines or computer systems. , data is the flow of information that is in a machine-readable format as opposed to human-readable.

When the data is related to any business or computing applications, it is referred to as ‘Big Data’ as it usually comes in several large volumes. 

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Now, let’s take a look at the different types in which data can be classified based on its readability level.

Classification Of Data-

Based on the readability level, data can be classified into two different categories.

  • Human-Readable Data

Human-readable data can be interpreted as the data that comes in an unstructured format that can be understood or processed only by humans.  A simple image or a video file, a random block of text, etc. that requires a human to process it can be stated as the example for Human-Readable Data.

  • Machine-Readable Data

Machine-Readable Data refers to the structured format of data that can only be processed by computer programs. A program comprises a set of instructions that help in manipulating this data.

For the programs to perform the set of given instructions on data, the subjected data must be in a structured format.

Structured data can be of various types like

  • Personal Data
  • Transactional Data
  • Web Data
  • Sensor Data

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