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Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

If you have engaged yourself in preparing for Artificial Intelligence interview then we are here to help you with the process. This blog post consists of some of the most frequently asked interview questions in Artificial Intelligence. Building knowledge of these questions will surely help you during the time of your interview

Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions-

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the advanced concept of computer science that emphasizes towards creating machines & computer systems that are capable to think & analyze just like humans. The applications of Artificial Intelligence include computer vision, speech recognition, decision-making, perception, reasoning, cognitive capabilities & many more.

What Are Intelligent Agents And How Are They Used In AI?

Intelligent agents can be interpreted as autonomous entities the makes precise use of sensors to make a better understanding of what is going on, and then use actuators to perform their tasks or goals. Intelligent agents can be either complex or simple & can be programmed to learn to accomplish their tasks better.

What Is Tensorflow, And What Is It Used For?

TensorFlow can simply be interpreted as an open-source software library which is developed for using in Machine Learning & Neural Networks research. It is used for data-flow programming. With the aid of TensorFlow building certain AI features into applications like natural language processing and speech recognition becomes very much easier.

What Exactly Is Machine Learning & How Is It Related To AI?

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. Machine Learning emphasizes towards building machines that can “learn” and get better at tasks over time without much of human intervention. Machine learning is a practical application of AI.

Why Is Image Recognition A Key Function Of AI?

As we are aware of the fact that AI is is designed to emulate human brains & as humans are visual & so recognizing & categorizing images is a crucial part of AI. With image recognition machines can recognize images that are processed, the better the software gets at recognizing and processing those images.

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