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Advance Data Science Skills Which You Need To Master In 2020

Without the help of Data Scientists, performing the task of churning out accurate insights from the Big Data would be close to impossible. The demand for Data Science is growing far beyond anyone’s expectations & so is the demand for the Data Scientists. They are professionally skilled experts who are capable of handling the advanced analytics tools & techniques to extract knowledge or insights from large amounts of Big Data.

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Becoming a Data Scientist in 2020 isn’t an easy task to accomplish as the Data Science job market now requires candidates who possess a wide range of skill sets.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the some of the advance Data Science skills which you need to master in 2020

Deep Learning-

Deep Learning, which is a subset of Machine Learning is responsible for the development of several innovative applications like image recognition and NLP, which have garner a lot of attention. Data Scientists who possess skills in image recognition and NLP are at an advantage position when it comes to hiring. This makes it mandatory for the Data Scientists to develop their skills in Deep Learning.


AutoML are gathering a lot of attention as it helps the Data Scientists to optimize their resources which are short supply. By automating the routine tasks which are performed by Data Scientists by training Machine Learning models to perform the tasks. As a result more work can be achieved with a smaller team.

Data Visualization-

Data Visualization skills are always crucial for the role of a Data Scientist. Explaining the findings from the data would become a lot easier if Data Scientists make use of Data Visualization. Often, the results from Machine Learning models are very complex to understand. If Data Scientists have skills in visualization presenting the insights project stakeholders would become a lot easier.

Apart from these having skills in SQL, Cloud & GitHub are also very crucial for getting hired as a Data Scientist.