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Accurate Data Collection Process In Data Science

The fact that Big Data has now become the new oil for businesses is widely accepted by all. By extracting the insights from the Big Data enterprises can attain varied benefits. One of the major challenges which enterprises have to face in their quest for extracting the insights from the data is, mining the data of high-quality. Most of the data quality issues occur in the scenarios where you are working on integrating data systems across different departments or applications & also issues data quality issues are commonly occurred when the data is entered manually.

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Execute The Best Data Collection Strategy-

Without the presence of a proper Data collection strategy, collecting data of good quality would become close to impossible. In this preliminary step, Data Scientists should analyze on what kind of data they need obtain that could help them in achieving their desired objectives. They should design a strategy which involves the type of methods which they are going use to mine this data.

Set Data Quality Standards-

Setting the quality of the data is the secondary step which involves determining which data is relevant & which isn’t. In case if any irreverent data is mined then they need to get rid of it. Data Scientists then need to look for errors in the data & if there are any, they are needed to be rectified.

Execute Data Integration Plan

During the data integration or distribution stage there are a lot of chances for the loss of quality in the data. This is because the process is mostly executed either by copying the data or by manually editing it. To address this issue a proper Data Integration plan has to be designed.

Optimizing The Data Collection Strategy

The process of ensuring the quality of data isn’t simply a one-time activity. This is a continuous process which has to be performed to ensure mining data of good quality.

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