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Why To Develop Skills In Artificial Intelligence In 2020?

Artificial Intelligence is a new-age technology that has got a lot of demand. Since the last decade, the demand for the technically sound experts in AI has steadily increased across the IT, Business, Healthcare, Banking, Automobile, Industrial & several other sectors. Also, Artificial Intelligence experts are among the highest paid professionals in this new age era of Big Data & analytics.  Unlike the other job roles that have been greatly affected amid the ongoing Covid pandemic, but however, the demand for the skills in AI & Machine Learning technologies stayed unaffected.

As per a survey conducted by O’Reilly, it has been revealed that the shortage of skilled experts in AI is the major reason for that is hindering the enterprises AI adoption in their business. Not just in the business sector, the shortage of skills in AI has also become a major problem for the Healthcare, Automobile & across several other sectors. Work towards becoming an agile expert in the technology of Artificial Intelligence & prepare your career to face the new world of rising opportunities in AI by being a part of our advanced AI Training In Hyderabad program.

Professionals who are working in the job-role of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer would be having the following responsibilities

  • Would be researching on Machine Learning Algorithms to develop new solutions
  • Need to work on transforming Data Science prototypes.
  • Need to develop new applications using Machine Learning technology
  • Need to work in collaboration with IT teams, developers, analysts & others
  • Develop smart applications based on business needs
  • Need to train the applications or systems

To be able to perform these skills, one requires intense skills in statistics, programming, data modelling, Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies. Get started with the process of mastering the advanced skills in the technology of AI that can get you hired by getting enrolled for Analytics Path AI training program.