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Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Best Career Option In 2020?

As most of the operations across the IT, Business, Healthcare, Industrial, Banking, & across other several sectors have become more data-centric, the demand for Big Data related technologies like Data Science, AI & Machine Learning has become prevalently increased in almost in every major sector.

The demand for these technologies has given rise to several new job opportunities, and recruiters are readily hiring professionals capable of handling the analytics industry challenges. This is the perfect time to begin your Data Science or AI career journey to perfection by being a part of the AI Training In Hyderabad program by Analytics Path.

Now, let’s look at the reasons why Data Science & AI are the best career options to choose from in 2020.

  • Shortage Of Skills in The Industry

The analytics industry is currently experiencing a dire shortage of skilled personals in AI & Data Science technologies. As per the experts’ view from IBM, by the end of 202, the demand for Data Science & AI experts is expected to rise by 44%.

  • Exclusive Salaries For The Skilled Professionals

On average, a skilled expert in AI is paid as high as $160,000, whereas experts in Data Science are paid $143,000 on an average.  These salaries are far higher than any other existing IT & Corporate job roles.

  • Top Firms Are Recruiting The Analytics Talent

IBM, Cognizant, HCL, InfoTech, Facebook, Snapdeal, Flipkart & several other national & multinational companies are recruiting the best talented Artificial Intelligence & Data Science experts.

  • Challenging & Innovative Job-Roles

Most of the job-roles involving Data Science & AI aren’t just innovative & exciting but are also quite challenging. To experience sustainable career growth in this industry, one needs to upgrade his/her skills constantly. This means that you need to be a lifelong learner to excel in these challenging job-roles, which is quite good.

So, wait no more & get started with the process of mastering the new-age technical skills involving AI & Data Science technologies by joining for Analytics Path advanced AI training program.