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Which Components Make Machines Work Intelligently? 

Artificial Intelligence driven smart machines have become an integral part of our day-to-day human life & business activities. The idea of AI came into existence over 60 years ago but this idea took off five years ago when the world was introduced to nano sized chips that are embedded with massive computing capabilities and sensors, cameras, and what not. These chips when integrated into machines which are fed with data-hungry algorithms & as a result, these smart machines have got human like abilities.

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In this blog, let’s take a clear look at some of the most important components that make machines work intelligently.

Components That Make Machines Work Intelligently 

  • Speech Recognition

We humans are capable of communicating with one another through language. Speech Recognition is the process of making the computer systems or software or machines to understand human language by recognizing the words & phrases & then converting them into machine readable format. Since speech recognition is statistically based, it is also known as statistical learning.

  • Natural Language Processing

Humans are capable of understanding something which is written in a text format. Natural Language Processing is the process of making machines or computer systems capable of understanding human language in a text format.

  • Machine Vision

Humans are capable of processing what they see with their eyes. Presenting machines with the same ability of processing the information which they see is nothing but Machine Vision.

Most of us are aware of image processing. This plays a crucial role in the field of computer vision.

  • Pattern Recognition

Humans are very good at pattern recognition such as grouping of like objects. If Machines are presented with similar abilities they can perform even better as they will be having more data and dimensions of data to process & recognize the patterns accurately. Pattern recognition is the field of Machine Learning.

When all these components are embedded inside a machine, it will start working intelligently.