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What Is The Best Way To Master Skills In Machine Learning?

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly evolving field that is shaping the industries at large across the industry verticals. Data Science is being used in the every industry from IT, Business, Banking to Healthcare, Travel, Space Research & many more. Google, Microsoft, Facebook to Swiggy, Uber, every company is relying on Data Science & AI to make strategic decisions and to better serve their customers. As more companies are working towards harvesting the power of Big Data using Data Science, it has now become one of the fastest-growing fields along with its job opportunities.

As per a research, the global market value of Data Science & Machine Learning is expected to reach $20.83 Billion by the year 2024. That’s massive!  Glassdoor states that the average package for a Data Science expert is around Rs. 900k per year in India whereas the IT professionals like developers are earning around 400k per year. Such high are the packages which experts in Data Science are being paid. You too can become an expert in Data Science or AI with our AI Training in Hyderabad program.

Best Way To Master Skills in Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is one of the core technical skill sets for Data Scientists. Having in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms can help Data Scientists in building accurate predictive models. To make accurate decisions, Predictive models need to be trained using Machine Learning algorithms.

To develop skills in Machine Learning, you can start with a simple linear and logistic regression model. You can then start working on developing skills in Random Forest, XGBoost, CatBoost, and so on. The best part here is that you don’t need to code extensively for algorithms to work & all you need to do is to gain expertise in knowing which algorithm should be used for a specific model.

The best way to gain expertise in Machine Learning is by working on multiple projects in real-time. As a part of the AI Course in Hyderabad program at Analytics Path, you can work multiple capstone projects involving Machine Learning in real-time.