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What Is Artificial Intelligence? How AI Applications Can Transform The Future?

Artificial Intelligence delivers computers or machines with self learning & evolving abilities just like our humans. The first person to develop a formal definition of Artificial Intelligence was Richard Feynman. He defined it as: “The ability of a computer system to perform a task beyond what is typically achieved by a human.” At present, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday life and business activities.

The different types of Artificial Intelligence include

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence
  • General Artificial Intelligence
  • Super Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence one important concept that needs to be mentioned is Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a term that refers to a set of processes and tools that help a computer system to learn and adapt on its own.

In the future, a computer program may be programmed to think, feel and acts just like a person. These programs will then be able to carry out their tasks without any human interference. Machines or robots can also be programmed with AI to be self-aware so they can make decisions based on the past experiences. Gain expertise in AI along with Machine Learning through our AI Training In Hyderabad program.

AI-Powered Smart Applications:

There are many examples of Artificial Intelligence in the real world. If you consider the future of artificially intelligent systems, you will be surprised at how many advantages it could offer.

People can control robots to move around or to take care of their personal hygiene and now used by hospitals and are often programmed to do specific tasks. This type of AI-powered robots is known as Robotic Assistants.

A healthcare robotic assistant could be programmed to help doctors or nurses by monitoring their patients’ vital signs. Or what about AI software program that could detect the onset of prostate cancer? Or what about an AI-powered automated system that would tell you the weather forecast for a specified period of time and then tell you will not have to leave the comfort of your home? How about autonomous driver less vehicles that can drive you safely to your desired destination

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