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What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence Of Things? New Age Revolution of AI & IoT

Big Data & analytics technologies have become an integral part of enterprises’ business development process and have also become an inseparable part of our day-to-day lives. Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the two most influential technologies in Big Data whose advancements are happening at a rapid pace & are expected to change the shape of the world very soon.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence & IoT has nowadays become the most debated topic & is of great importance. Artificial Intelligence Of Things is the technology that is obtained with the integration of AI & IoT. The functioning of this AIoT can be interpreted with the functionality of the human body where the internet of things devices functions like our digital nervous system while Artificial Intelligence resembles the functioning of a human brain.

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Understanding AIoT:

Before getting started with AIoT, let’s first understand the Internet of Things & AI. IoT is all about the connectivity of sensory devices & the exchange of data between then over the internet.  Refrigerators, Digital Assistants, Air Conditioners, CCTV CAM, etc. can be stated as examples for sensory devices.

Artificial Intelligence is when a system or machine learns to analyze data & perform tasks on its own in an intelligent manner.

So, in AIoT technology, devices will have the ability to analyze data and become smart enough to make accurate decisions and act on that data. This whole process doesn’t require any human involvement. These smart devices work with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Smart retail stores, Drone Traffic Monitoring Autonomous Vehicles & Robots, are the best examples of smart devices.

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