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Understanding Knowledge Representation In AI

We humans have been blessed with wonderful abilities like understanding, able to process information, analyzing, questioning & reasoning. The capabilities of Human intelligence are far superior to any other thing in the world. Have you ever wondered how machines could do all these things under knowledge representation and reasoning? Let’s get a clear understanding about Knowledge Representation in AI.

Knowledge representation and reasoning is an advanced concept in Artificial intelligence. It is mainly related to the thinking abilities of AI agents and how this thinking can contribute to intelligent behavior of agents. Knowledge representation doesn’t simply relate to storing data into some database, It is more focused on making machines evolve based on the knowledge and experiences just like our humans.

What to Represent?

The different types of knowledge which AI systems requires are

Object- Should have knowledge of all the facts about objects in our world domain

Events- Events are the actions which occur in our world

Performance- It involves knowledge related to how to perform things or activities

Meta-knowledge- It relates to ideas or knowledge which we know

Facts- Facts about the real-world

Different Types Of Knowledge In AI-

Now, let’s understand about the different types of knowledge in AI systems

  • Declarative Knowledge

This summarizes concepts, facts, and objects which are expressed in a declarative sentence.

  • Structural Knowledge

This is more related to problem-solving knowledge. It elevates the differences or relation between the concepts and objects.

  • Procedural Knowledge

This includes set of rules, strategies, procedures, etc that state how to do something.

  • Meta Knowledge

This is related to all the other types of Knowledge.

  • Heuristic Knowledge

This represents some expert knowledge in the field or subject.

These five types of knowledge are among the most important types of Knowledge Representation in AI.

Understanding The Relation Between Knowledge & Intelligence:

The fact is that, having a precise knowledge of real-world is very crucial for intelligence and is also crucial towards creating Artificial Intelligence. The extent of intelligence in AI agents is mainly determined by knowledge. Simply, an AI agent can accurately function according to the given input only when it is having some knowledge or experience about that input.

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