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Types Of Artificial Intelligence Based On Functionality

One of most widely accepted view in relation to the several innovative breakthroughs that are achieved in Artificial Intelligence is that sentient and smart machines are going to revolutionize the human world.  The advancements in AI have now machines capable of understanding the verbal commands, distinguish pictures & play games comparatively better than our humans. Experts are of the view that the day is quite near when AI powered smart robots would walk among us.

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Now, let’s take a look at the different types of Artificial Intelligence based on functionality

  • Reactive Machines

Purely reactive machines can be interpreted as the basic types of Artificial Intelligence in use. These systems don’t have the ability to store its past memories for better future actions. They are capable of focusing on the current scenarios & take the best possible action to react to that scenario.

The best examples for this Reactive Machines are IBM’s Deep Blue system & Google’s AlphaGo

  • Limited Memory

Limited Memory machines are capable of storing its past data or experiences that too only for a short period of time. Also, its stored data can be used only upto a certain period of time. One of the best examples for the Limited Memory systems is Self-driving cars. These cars can navigate along the road by storing the recent speed of nearby cars, distance from the nearby cars, & the overall speed limit.

  • Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind systems is one of the advanced forms of AI where the systems get the ability to understand the human emotions, their beliefs, & can also make better social interactions. This form of AI is still under research & it would surely take quite a bit of time before seeing it in the reality.

  • Self-Awareness

This is most advanced form of AI & is being termed as the future of Artificial Intelligence which is expected to change the phase of the world. Having the super intelligence abilities, these systems can have their own consciousness, emotions, and more importantly self-awareness. In a way, these systems are much more capable & smarter than our human mind. It isn’t still in existence & can be viewed as a hypothetical concept.