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Trending Job Titles In Artificial Intelligence In 2020

Artificial Intelligence has now become the latest buzzword in the age of Big Data. The rapid advancements in AI are entirely changing the global business scenario & many organizations are investing heavily in this technology to carry out extensive research. Businesses of all types are using the smart applications of Artificial Intelligence. AI-powered chatbots are the best example in this regard that helps businesses in better serving their customers with 24*7 customer support.

With the growing prominences of AI in businesses across various industries, companies are now readily hiring skilled experts capable of handling all the major challenges in Artificial Intelligence technology. By the end of 2025, several new job-roles will be created in AI that is not only challenging and innovative but also high-paying. Build real-world skills in AI & prepare your career for the new world of rising career opportunities by with Analytics Path AI Training in Hyderabad program.

Here is the list of trending job-roles in Artificial Intelligence technology.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

The job-role of a Machine Learning Engineer is one of the most sought-after jobs in Artificial Intelligence. These professionals specialize in predictive modeling techniques and are capable of working on NLP techniques on massive data sets. These experts also have a clear idea of the software development methodology & agile business practices

  • AI Product Manager

AI Product Managers are responsible for applying AI-driven smart solutions in business initiatives. They are responsible for addressing challenging issues in AI and compile the data to train models. Even with the evolution of AI, AI-bias an increasing problem, and black box solutions still been an issue, but AI Product Managers can help in identifying what it means to create these initiatives.

  • AI Architect

AI architects have exceptional technical & theoretical skills in Data Science & advanced Machine Learning algorithms. They are usually responsible for the tasks of planning the implementation of solutions, choosing the relevant technologies & upgrading the overall architecture as per the clients or organizational requirements.

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