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The Present Trends In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly a ground breaking innovation in the field of computer science that that promises a new scale of human endeavor in both business & personal contexts. As the advancements in AI are happening at a rapid pace & are impacting the industries across various sectors at large. As Big Data is being generated at a large scale, this has further fueled the demand for the use Artificial Intelligence in almost in every major sector. 

As AI is becoming an integral part of our day lives & business activities but however, most of the people are still unaware of the impact of AI & are having several misconceptions about it. The most commonly heard misconception is that AI powered smart robots would soon be replacing humans across multiple job-roles which would ultimately lead to a large scale the unemployment issue. The fact here is that AI would just be replacing humans from those job roles that are monotonous, dull & uninteresting and it is also expected to create many innovative & challenging job-roles which we are already witnessing. Artificial Intelligence is completely revolutionary technology that will change the way the world operates from the ground up.

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The Current Trend In Artificial Intelligence:

The technology of AI is actively being used in the businesses across various sectors. The prime reason for the massive adoption of AI is that it helps enterprises in exploring the benefits of Big Data to its full potential. AI can help the businesses to identify trends or distinct data points that can help the businesses to scale & grow.

Today, AI can be seen in every house in the form smart digital assistants in our smart phones like Google’s AI and Apple’s Siri. The use of AI, Machine Learning can also be seen in the web browsers that we use which tracks your data & directs you to content that you would most likely enjoy.

Automated driverless vehicles that are powered by AI are making their way onto the roads & it already seems like we are living in the future.