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Smart Applications Of Artificial Intelligence You’re Using in Daily Life

Artificial intelligence is an advanced area in computer science that works towards delivering self learning and evolving capabilities to machines and computer systems. Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are transforming the world at large. And the application of these technologies can be found almost everywhere right from our daily lives to IT, Business, Manufacturing, Healthcare and several other industries. AI-powered smart intelligent systems are used in everyday applications and have now become a major part of our lives.

The first applications of artificial intelligence systems were seen in computers, but they were largely confined to scientific research. As computer technology has progressed, more complex Artificial Intelligence systems have been developed, and they are being used across the industry verticals. Develop real-world hands on insights to Artificial Intelligence and stay relevant with the latest trends in this technology with our AI Training In Hyderabad program.

Smart Applications Of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Smart Cars & Drones

From merely being depicted in science fiction movies, AI has come across a long way towards being implemented in reality in the form of autonomous driverless vehicles and drones. Enterprises like Tesla have achieved significant progress in developing semi-automatic cars that are powered by AI.

Popular E-Commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart are working towards developing AI drones that can be programmed to deliver products to their customers’ doorsteps.

  • Social Media Feeds

Artificial Intelligence is widely being used across different social media platforms to deliver personalized news feed to the users. Popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or Snapchat are using AI to detect and filter fake news.

  • Music & Media Streaming Services

Most of the popular media streaming websites like Spotify, Netflix, & YouTube are using AI to delivery personalized media recommendations to their users. Most of the recommendations that you see in YouTube are the result of Recommender Systems in AI.

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