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RPA vs Artificial Intelligence- Is RPA Part Of AI?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most debated technologies at the present time. The buzz around Artificial Intelligence is quite real, & there is a lot of hype around this technology. The innovations in AI are very exciting & the way Artificial Intelligence is making its entry into almost every sphere of industrial sector is quite fascinating. Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Learning Process (NLP) are among the other trending technologies connected with Artificial Intelligence.

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There is a lot of confusion doing rounds about what these technologies exactly mean and how exactly these technologies differ from one another. Speaking of AI, the most commonly heard misconception about it is that both AI & RPA technologies can be used interchangeably.

Now, let’s dig deep into this topic.

Robotics Process Automation-

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be interpreted as a advanced software which is developed to automate repetitive & monotonous tasks that are as of now being performed by humans. Simply, RPA works towards streamlining the business processes. Over the years, this technology has evolved from being used for screen scraping to the present days advanced Artificial Intelligence.

RPA has the ability to mimic human behavior through which it works towards automating the repetitive task & contributes to improved productivity. The rules are programmed beforehand. RPA can be extensively used to perform repetitive tasks & as a matter of fact, it has got nothing much to do other than executing these repetitive tasks.

This is where Artificial Intelligence is making a difference

Artificial Intelligence-

AI can be interpreted as a technology which is having the ability to mimic human intelligence & can ultimately develop intelligence of its own. Artificial Intelligence is like a hub from where a number of technologies like Machine Learning, NLP, RPA, & such exists.

AI is presenting machines the ability to learn & analyze on their own without being explicitly programmed. Having the abilities like aggregating, managing, and analyzing the structured & unstructured data is what that differentiate AI from RPA.

Both RPA and AI technologies are no doubt the best available resources for streamlining the Business Process Automation. When combined, these technologies can do many wonders.