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Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Is A Hot Trending Technology?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies are the most happening technologies in this 21st century. Currently, there is a lot of buzz around the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Back in the late 90’s,  the depiction of AI can bee seen in the science fiction movies & at then starting from the beginning of 21st century, there  is significant pace in the development of AI which is mainly in response to the rising prominence of Big Data.

Smart applications & software solutions that are powered by AI are showing a significant impact on the business development process & our daily lives as well. For instance, AI powered Chatbots have revolutionized the customer support process in business whereas, AI powered smart digital assistants which we are using in our smartphones like Googles AI & Apple Siri are helping us in our day-to-day activities. Become an expert in the technology of AI with AI Training In Hyderabad program by Analytics Path.

Now, let’s look at the top reasons why Artificial Intelligence is a hot trending technology?

  • Computing is cheaper

Generally, AI requires high processing power & during the early years of its development the cost of computing is a lot higher. So, the development of AI was limited due to economical inefficiency. But with the arrival of cloud computing technologies like AWS, computing power has become a lot cheaper. The computing prices have come down by more than 50 times making it highly affordable to run a computing network at scale. This has given a significant boost to the developments in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Outbreak Of Big Data Revolution

With the growing prominence of Big Data the demand for data driven technologies has received a significant boost. The functioning of algorithms in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies rely heavily on data. Thus more data that gets fed into the AI powered system, the smarter these systems tend to become.

  • Demand For Machine Learning

Machine Learning which is a subset of Artificial intelligence is disrupting the industries across various sector at large. Today regardless of the domain we can see that the technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being used extensively.

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