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Practical Examples Of Artificial Intelligence Of Things AIoT

Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things are distinct technologies that are shaping the world towards achieving new age industry revolution. Nowadays, tech experts are carrying out extensive research to integrate these two powerful technologies which ultimately led to the invention of a new innovative technology known as Artificial Intelligence of Things.  

The prominence of the powerful applications of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are well known to everyone. The combination of these two technologies AIoT presents sensory devices with the ability to analyze data & make accurate decisions based on the analysis made thereby eliminating the need for human intervention. Not just IoT, Artificial Intelligence is being integrated with several other technologies for accurate fraud detection & business predictions, customer analysis, and more.

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Now, let’s look at some practical examples of Artificial Intelligence Of Things-AIoT

  • Smart Retail Stores

Most of the retail stores these days are being converted into smart stores with the integration of AI & IoT technologies. The security cams in these smart stores are embedded with computer vision capabilities that present them smart abilities like facial recognition to identify customers. It is also capable of gathering the necessary data about customers like demographic stats, their product preferences, traffic flow and more. This data can be analyzed to better understand the customer preferences thus enabling the market teams to come up with accurate product placements & marketing ideas.

Example-Amazon Go Store.

  • Drone Traffic Monitoring

As the prominence for the development of smart cities is predominantly increasing, we can find a number of smart applications in these cities that are powered by AIoT. Traffic monitoring by drones is the best example for this system.

Analyzing the data collected from these drones helps in monitoring traffic flow in real-time thus giving a scope to prevent traffic congestion by adjusting the timing of traffic lights.

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