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Insights To Natural Language Processing & Its Sequence Of Steps

Artificial Intelligence is a new-age advancing technology in the field of Computer Science. The technology of Artificial Intelligence sets its primary focus on making presenting computer systems or machines with self-learning abilities. Machines that are powered by AI will be able to evolve on their own by leaning form their past experiences. Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, etc are among the most advanced technologies in AI that are reshaping the human-machine interaction.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a rapidly progressing field in AI that refers to AI method of communicating with an intelligent system by using a natural language like English. NLP becomes very crucial when we want intelligent machines to function based on our voice based/textual instructions. Simply put, NLP can be defined as the process of that involves machines to perform tasks by communicating with humans in the most common language. The input & output of an NLP system can be Speech or Written Text.

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Steps In Natural Language Processing:

The Natural Language Processing involves five different steps which are as follows.

  • Lexical Analysis

This form of analysis deals with the process of identifying & analyzing the structure of words. The world ‘Lexicon’ relates to the collection of words & phrases in a language. In this process, the presented text would get divided into individual paragraphs, sentences, and words.

  • Syntactic Analysis

In this form of analysis, the system analyzes the grammar & the relation between the worlds that makeup the phrase.

  • Semantic Analysis

Semantic Analysis helps the machines to interpret the exact dictionary meaning for the given text. It analyzes the text to get the exact meaning which is done by mapping syntactic structures and objects.

  • Discourse Integration

It helps the machines in interpreting the meaning of any sentence by analyzing & comparing the meaning of a sentence just before it.

  • Pragmatic Analysis

This is the most prominent stage where the meaning of the sentence is re-interpreted.

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