In-Demand Artificial Intelligence Skills That Will Get You Hired

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The rising demand for skills in Artificial Intelligence isn’t new to anyone. As most of the monotonous jobs have become outdated & have already been replaced by smart robots companies are now looking for professionals who are having effective skills to handle AI.

In this blog post we have collected the list of most in-demand skills that Artificial Intelligence experts possess

In-Demand Skills in Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a crucial skill required to excel in career in Artificial Intelligence. Machines have now become much more capable to learn & adapt to changes by analyzing hysterical data & Deep Learning plays a crucial role in this regard.  Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are far more adept at processing complex voluminous data than us mortals. Several advanced applications of Deep Learning like TensorFlow are efficiently being used by industries across different sectors.

Natural Language Processing-

With Natural Language Processing computer can be presented with the ability to understand human languages. NLP is expected to revolutionize the human to computer or human to robot interaction. Become well proficient in the skills in NLP will surely help you to make it big in your AI professional career


Robotic Process Automation skills are very curial towards automating moronic routine tasks. RPA industry is excepted to reach $ 1.2 billion by 2021.  To be an all-round expert in AI you need to have a better understanding of concepts in RPA.


Everyone knows that programming plays a crucial role in most of the analytics technologies.. Python, R, Java, C++ – the more languages you know, the better you will be. SO start working towards gaining proficiency in the programming languages especially Python & R programming.

Probability & Statistics-

Skills in probability & statistics are also very crucial. They will be playing a crucial role in analyzing the data for predicting future outcomes.

Apart from these skills, you need to be very much proficient in Applied Math & Distribution Computing as well. Interested to know where can you leverage knowledge of all these skills?

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