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Impact Of AI Across industries & User Groups

The sudden explosion of Big Data since the past decade has led to the epic rise in the demand for data management analytical technologies. Analytical technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence have gained tremendous popularity especially AI. At present, the advancements in AI are happening very rapidly compared to any other analytical technologies & the use of AI-driven smart software solutions & applications has become very crucial for enterprises across the IT, Business, Healthcare, Automobile, Banking & several other sectors.

Chatbots, Smart Digital Assistants, Healthcare Assistants, Driverless Vehicles are among the best examples that depict the prominence of AI as a part of our daily lives & business activities. Even during this COVID pandemic, Artificial Intelligence is being used extensively by the healthcare authorities across different nations to find a cure to this COVID virus.

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Now, let’s look at the impact of Artificial Intelligence across industries & user groups.

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Most of the tech experts are of the opinion that the rapid advancements in AI would help furthering social causes & enable our humans to experience more fulfilling lives. The applications in AI are expected to empower economic growth, global health, cyber security, and more.
  • The uses of smart digital assistants that are powered by Ai are expected to revolutionize user interactions with systems to the point that we would be seeing smart digital assistants teaching humans.
  • Most of the business decisions these days are being influenced by AI-driven smart solutions that are also powered by Machine Learning & other Data Analytical technologies.
  • A major share of (up to 75%) of business decisions these days are made in combination of AI advisors & human advisors.

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