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How Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence Expected To Change The World?

Artificial Intelligence is a new-age revolutionary technology that works towards developing smart machines, computer systems, software & programs that are capable of self-learning & evolving on their own. Artificial Intelligence have come across a long way from being depicted in the science fiction movies back in the late 90’s to present days advanced healthcare & digital assistants. The advanced AI in the present time is very much capable of presenting machines/computer systems with abilities like planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, and manipulation.

The present days smart digital assistants that we are using in our smartphones, Alexa, Healthcare Assistants, etc are the best examples to depict the excessive use of Artificial Intelligence as a part of our daily lives. Smart applications & software solutions that are powered by AI are also impacting the way IT, Business, Healthcare, industrial, Automobile & other sectors operate.

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How AI Is Changing The World?

  • Fake news

The rising prominence of social medial platforms has given rise to several concerns. Fake news that gets circulated across different social media networks has become a major concern for the authorities worldwide. AI driven advanced fake news detection systems are effectively being employed to detect & remove the fake news from social media networks. This system makes use of supervised artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Speech & Language Recognition

The advancements in AI & ML technologies have made computers recognise what people are saying with an accuracy of almost 95 percent. Even the tech giant Microsoft has also ventured into research & development in AI & was able to develop a system that can transcribe spoken English as accurately as human transcribers. AI powered speech & language recognition systems are completely revolutionizing the human-machine interaction.

  • Healthcare

The swift progress in the development in AI is showing a positive impact on the healthcare industry. AI driven advanced diagnosis systems are helping radiologists to pick out tumours in x-rays, spotting genetic sequences related to diseases and AI is also being deployed for efficient drug development.

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