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How Different Forms Of Artificial Intelligence Is Used?

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology that enables computer systems to perform tasks on their own just like our humans execute different tasks through human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence works towards replicating human like machine intelligence into computer systems & machines. Most of the advanced systems in Artificial Intelligence are powered by either Machine Learning or Deep Learning technologies and sometimes may be both.

The four different approaches based on which AI is defined in the past are:

  • Thinking Humanly
  • Thinking Rationally
  • Acting Humanly
  • Acting Rationally

Thinking humanly & rationally relates to thought processes & reasoning, whereas acting humanly & rationally concerns with behaviour. Develop in-depth conceptual knowledge & hands-on skill sets in the technology of Artificial Intelligence by being a part of our integrated AI Training In Hyderabad program with Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies.

Now, let’s understand how Artificial Intelligence is used. 

  • Narrow AI

Also known as “Weak AI,” & it operates within a limited context. This form of AI is limited to performing narrow abilities & is limited to performing only one task at a time. The systems that are powered by Narrow AI are bound by several constraints & limitations.

Examples for systems with this form of AI include smart assistants, disease mapping tools, prediction tools, smart robots, Email spam filters etc.

  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This form of AI is also referred to as “Strong AI,” & has better capabilities compared to Narrow AI. Advanced robots that we have so far seen in the sci-fi Hollywood movies are the best examples for AGI. This form of AI can be related very closely with human intelligence & AGI can be applied to solve any complex problem.

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine Learning technology helps machines to learn how to perform a specific task & how to get better in performance over time by processing data and also by making use statistical. Deep Learning is a subset of AI that enables machines to perform tasks very intelligently with the help of neural networks whose functioning is similar to that of functioning of neurons inside human brain.

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