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How Artificial Intelligence Work?

At its core, Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology in the field of Computer Science that works towards replicating or simulating human intelligence in machines. Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, there is a lot of debate around the world & to be precise, as of now, there isn’t any singular definition of Artificial Intelligence that is universally accepted. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence technology & most of the smart applications of AI are powered by the algorithms in Machine Learning technology. Deep Learning is also a concept in AI that is of great importance in developing smart machines. Artificial Intelligence is considered to be having a great impact in this present 21st century.

In general, Artificial Intelligence is classified into two different categories namely Narrow AI & Artificial General Intelligence. As the use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming very crucial for the industries across various sectors, work towards preparing your career to face the new world of rising career opportunities in AI with the help of our integrated AI Training In Hyderabad program with Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies.

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence

This type of Artificial Intelligence is also referred to as “Weak AI”. This form of Artificial Intelligence has limited abilities & is a simulation of human intelligence. Machines that are powered by Narrow AI are capable of exhibiting only single tasks at a time & also have several limitations & constraints. This type of AI is the representation of the most basic form of human intelligence.

  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This type of Artificial Intelligence is also known as “Strong AI”.  Artificial Intelligence systems that are depicted in the science fiction movies are the best example for this type of AI. Systems that are powered by AGI will be having smart abilities much like a human being. These machines can apply that AGI to solve any problem.

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