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How Advancements In Artificial Intelligence Are Impacting Cyber Security?

In this age of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence has now become the most influential technology advancement that is impacting our day-today lives & business world at large.  Enterprises around the world are investing heavily in this technology to perform extensive research & to explore new ways to integrate AI-driven smart applications & software solutions into their existing software, platforms and tools.

The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence are also affecting the field of cyber Security in many positive ways. AI-driven smart security solutions are extensively being used by security specialists to accurately detect & predict all forms of cyber threats. Artificial Intelligence is having a great potential to prevent data loss from all forms of cyber attacks.

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Now, in this post, let’s have a look Artificial Intelligence is impacting Cyber Security & Fraud Detection.

Artificial Intelligence In Cyber Security-

The job-role of a Cyber Security expert is undoubtedly a strenuous work that requires them to work uninterruptedly round the clock. AI-driven smart cyber security solutions can automate most of the complex repetitive and tiresome tasks thus making the job-role of a Cyber Security expert hassle free.

Cyber Security professionals are heavily relying on Machine-Learning-based software solutions to detect the similarities in the patterns in the cyber-threats in the cases where automated programs are used to execute the attacks. Undoubtedly, AI-driven smart algorithms are very much capable of spotting those critical correlations that are usually difficult for humans.

AI-powered biometric systems are also extensively being used to identify, measure and analyze not just physical and facial features. This system is so powerful that it can even analyze specific human behavior that could raise any kind of red flag.

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