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Hottest Technologies In Artificial Intelligence To Watch In 2020

Artificial Intelligence is the new age technology whose prominence is steadily growing in the industries across every major sector. The term Artificial Intelligence first came into existence in the year 1955. Back in the early 90’s, the use of Artificial Intelligence is only limited to Science Fiction movies. However, with the explosion of Big Data, the advancements in AI happened at a rapid pace. Leading tech giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM & Facebook are investing several billions to perform research in AI & to develop AI driven smart applications on their own.

The use of AI-driven smart applications like Chatbots, Virtual Smart Assistants, etc has become a regular part of our daily lives. As we are aware of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, governments around the world are now relying heavily on AI to fight the pandemic. As the demand for Artificial Intelligence is increasing exponentially across various sectors this is the perfect time to build a career in this technology.

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Now, let’s discuss the hottest technologies in Artificial Intelligence that we need to watch in 2020.

  • Image Recognition

Image Recognition is an innovative concept in the field of Artificial Intelligence that deals with the process of making the computer system to identify an object from a video or an image. AI plays a crucial role in the process of Image Recognition. There are several applications of Image Recognition like Image Search in Google, Medical Image Analysis, Identifying Objects in Autonomous Cars, Face Detection for security purpose, etc.

  • Emotion Recognition

This is the most revolutionary application of AI. This technology aims at presenting machines the ability to process & understand emotions expressed by humans. To generate accurate results, this technology makes use of advanced image processing technique & audio data processing. Law enforcers can be benefited a lot from this technology at the time of interrogation.

Automated Content Creation, Cyber Defense, Text Analysis, Speech Recognition & are also the hottest technologies of AI in 2020. Gain in-depth expertise in AI by being a part of Analytics Path training institutes advanced AI Course in Hyderabad program.