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Differentiating Artificial Intelligence & Business intelligence

Both Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence are among the most prominent technologies in the field of Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an advanced technology in the field of computer science that works towards the development of smart machines that are capable of thinking, analyzing & solve problems just like we humans do. AI powered machines are capable of evolving by themselves by learning from their past experiences. AI makes use of complex algorithms, Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies to deliver machines with smart capabilities. At present, this smart technology of AI is extensively used in the areas of Healthcare, Robotics, IT, Business, Automobile, Scientific Research & Gamming sectors.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is multidisciplinary technology that makes use of advanced data analytical techniques, statistical models & business analytical models to convert raw data into actionable insights to make better business decisions. Business Intelligence process also relies heavily on the use of Data Mining, Data Warehousing and various analytical tools to make better informed business decisions.

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Now, let’s look at the primary areas where AI & BI technologies differ.

  • Primary Are Of Focus

Artificial Intelligence deals with principles of statistical analysis whereas Business Intelligence deals with Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms

  • Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence makes use of the BFS (breadth first algorithm) and follows the FIFO principle. Business intelligence makes use of linear aggression module for classifying data.

  • Primary Intent

Artificial Intelligence sets its focus on developing smart machines which are capable of working like the human brain. Business intelligence sets its focus on analyzing business data & also predicts the future from the past data. 

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