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Chat Bots:All About Interacting with Artificial Intelligence

The advancement in Artificial Intelligence has resulted in several fascinating innovations. One among such innovations is chatbot. Over the years these chatbots have become so popular that every major website has started using them. This has resulted in increasing the humans to bots interactions.

From Alexa to Siri and Google assistant, we are all using different digital assistants which are nothing but advanced bots that are are actually powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.  We talk to them on our own, or sometimes encounter them while looking for customer assistance.

Reasons That Led To The Rise Of Chatbots-

The major reasons that led to the rise in prominence for chatbots are

  • Humans Interacting like bots
  • Chat bots are charming
  • Chat bots are effective
  • Makes business sense

Humans Interacting Like Bots-

The irony here is that most of the businesses around the world are using bots to interact with their customers just because humans respond like robots anyway. It is very much difficult for the customer care executives to be patient round the clock answering the clients. It is also quite tiresome activity. This is where bots come in. Chatbots have infinite patience and can interact with the customers consistently round the clock.

Chat Bots are Charming-

AI driven chatbots are quite smarter than you except them to be. They can learn & evolve from their previous data. They can use emojis and gifs to make the user feel that he isn’t bored at any phase of his interactive process. They show genuine interest by asking questions. They can keep you engage by playing a game as well.

Makes Business Sense-

The expenditure involved using Chatbots is very much less when compared to using a human agent. Once installed they can work round the clock with the same level of consistency. Most of the companies have started using for tracking purpose as well. The best example to mention here is that Domino’s uses a chatbot to take orders from the clients.

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