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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning-The NextGen Analytics Technologies

If you are a vivid tech follower then you must be aware of the fact that the present 21st century is being termed as the age of Big Data & is being ruled by analytics technologies. Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Deep Learning, & Data Science are among the leading technologies that are currently dominating the analytics industry. Both AI & Machine Learning technologies are being termed as the next analytics technologies that have the potential to completely revolutionize the world.

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Both AI & ML technologies are related to the field of computer science. Most people often use them interchangeably & interpret these technologies as one & the same. As a matter of fact, Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence but however, on a broader outlook, AI and Machine Learning are two distinct technologies that different in many ways.

Now, let’s understand how exactly these technologies differ from each other.

AI & Machine Learning Technologies:

Artificial Intelligence sets its focus on delivering machines with smart abilities to solve tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence to accomplish. AI simply replicates human intelligence into machines & computer systems. On the other hand, Machine Learning is a subset of AI that enables machine to learn by processing data. Machine Learning presents machines the ability to perform tasks without the need to be explicitly programmed.

Both these technologies are very crucial when it comes to data analysis applications in Data Science. The extent of accuracy in the predictions made from Data Science can be greatly enhanced by training the data models with complex algorithms in AI & ML technologies.  You can master the core cognitive skills that are crucial in driving a successful career in the analytics industry by joining for our advanced AI Course In Hyderabad program.