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Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise-How Can You Prepare Your Career In AI To Perfection?

Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise-How Can You Prepare Your Career In AI To Perfection?

The technology of Artificial Intelligence has been quite fascinating since centuries. The primary objective of Artificial Intelligence is to present machines with the abilities to think and act like humans. As predicated the advancements in Artificial Intelligence have come across a long way from merely being depicted in the Science fiction movies back in 20th century to the present AI driven digital assistants in our smart phones.

You might surely have seen many advertisements marketing AI-infused commodities ranging from smart digital assistants to electric toothbrushes which are capable of reading your mind.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence-

There are several definitions that can explain AI. It can be explained as complex technology that can design machines that have general human-like intelligence or it can be a narrow AI that demonstrates cognitive and problem solving capabilities towards accomplishing a specific task.

Prepare Yourself For The Future-

By now, the applications of Artificial Intelligence have successfully spread across various sectors related to retail, finance, defense, automobile, media and across several other areas.

Over the coming years, owing to the advancements in AI experts are predicting that

10% of the job roles related to stock-jobber, driver, low-skill industrial worker would get replaced by AI.

50% of all jobs will change dramatically (physician, software developer, high-skill industrial worker…)

Top Careers In Artificial Intelligence To Watch Out-

Machine Learning Engineer-

Machine Learning Engineers are among the most sought after professionals in the present world of digitization and automation. They can command an annual median salary of $114,856. As a part of their work-role, Machine Learning engineers need to build and manage platforms for Machine Learning projects.

Data Scientist-

Data Scientists currently in demand analytics professionals and this job role is being termed as the sexiest job role of the 21st century. Data Scientists possess skills related to AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in their inventory. Data Scientists command an annual median salary of $120,931.

Business Intelligence Developer-

As a part of their job role, Business Intelligence Developer will be analyzing complex data sets so as to identify business and market trends. It’s a career that’s in high demand and commands an annual median salary of $92,278.

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