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Applications Of Predictive Analytics, AI & ML Across Different Industries

The explosion of Big Data has led to the epic rise in the demand for analytical technologies like Data Science AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, etc. Enterprises across various sectors are relying heavily on the applications of these analytical technologies to utilize the power of Big Data to its full potential. So, the demand for the skilled & certified experts in Big Data & analytical technologies across various industries is sky rocketing.

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Now, let’s look at the prominent applications of Predictive Analytics, AI & ML technologies across different industries.

  • Banking & Financial Services

The use of Predictive Analytics, AI & Machine Learning technologies is benefiting the enterprises across the Banking & Financial services to detect & reduce fraud, measure market risk, explore new ways for profit generations, & several other benefits.

  • Security

As every enterprise these days are having huge reserves of Big Data, Cyber threats have become a major problem of concern for them. So, most of the enterprises have started relying on Predictive Analytics and AI/Machine learning algorithms empower their security solutions. The use of these technologies is empowering the security services performance.  These security solutions are now capable of accurately detecting anomalies, fraud, understand consumer behaviour & are even predicting the chances of occurrence of security threats.

  • Retailers

Enterprises in the Retail Sectors are relying on Predictive Analytics, AI & ML technologies to accurately analyze the changes in their consumer behaviour, analyze the market trends, forecast the demand, identifying the consumer trends to improve ROI.

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