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AI & Cognitive Computing- Understanding The Insights

Both Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing are often being viewed as similar technologies by those who aren’t working in these respective domains. They are of the misconception that both these terms relate to computers performing specific tasks or handling job-roles which a human used to perform.

There is a vast difference between AI and Cognitive Computing. Now, let’s work towards understanding the differences between these two distinct technologies. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI can be interpreted as an advanced technology in the analytics domain which stimulates human-like intelligence in machines. With AI, machines will get the ability to learn from their records of past data & also they adopt to advanced self-correction mechanisms to make decisions.

As we are aware of the fact that Human intelligence is mainly influenced by observing, analyzing & understanding the surrounding environment, similarly, AI includes:

Simulation Of Human Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, And Touch.

Simulation Of Learning And Processing: Deep Learning, Machine Learning.

Simulations Of Human Responses: Robotics.

As AI is in its early stages of development let’s have a look at some of its highly impacting applications

AI Applications- Solving critical problems, Playing strategic games like chess, NLP, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, Process automation & more

What is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive Computing can be interpreted as a set of individual technologies which work towards accomplishing the tasks that facilitate human intelligence. This smart decision support systems are in existence since the time of the internet boom.

Al the groundbreaking innovations in the technology have presented these decision support systems with better data, better algorithms & advanced functioning mechanism that helps in accurately analyzing the data.

Therefore, cognitive computing refers to:

  • Understanding and simulating reasoning
  • Understanding and simulating human behavior

Differentiating AI & Cognitive Computing-

The primary difference between the two is that AI augments human intelligence in order to explore new ways towards solving complex problems whereas Cognitive Computing mimics human behavior and reasoning for the same.

Another noticeable difference is that Cognitive Computing applies facts in a similar way we humans do towards solving a problem whereas AI works towards analyzing new ways to solve problems better than humans. AI makes use of advanced algorithms to precisely analyze the past data & then adapts to other techniques that can better the problem.

Cognitive Computing is not directly impacting humans to make decisions as it just provides us with the needed information to make decisions. In contrast, AI can make its decisions on their own without any need for human interference.

Understanding The Similarities-

Both Cognitive Computing & AI have similar technologies working for them include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Neural Networks, etc.

Applications –

Speaking of real-world applications, both AI & Cognitive Computing often tend to differ in this aspect. The role of Cognitive Computing is very crucial in the domains related to such as Finance, Marketing, Government and Healthcare Data whereas, the role of AI is very crucial for industries that are related to Healthcare, Manufacturing, Customer Service and such.

Addressing The Issues-

People aren’t much worried about Cognitive Computing as its functions only to supplement human decision making. However, most people have a lot of fear when it comes to AI. This is because most of them are of the misconception that AI-powered systems would replace most of the jobs that are performed by humans, thus leaving them unemployed, which is quite unlike the case with Cognitive Computing.

The fact regarding AI is that it would take away most of the untrusting & monotonous jobs from humans & in return, many other job-roles would be created that would be more challenging, unlike the existing ones.

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